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Understanding the type of equipment your Laser Hair Removal provider is using can really make a difference when it comes to the results you will see, the cost of treatments, and the time they require. And more importantly, choosing a provider who is medically trained is critical to your comfort and safety.

At Greater Binghamton LaserCare we understand that you work hard to save money and your time is also valuable.  Likewise, no one wants to endure painful procedures.  So we have researched to find the most effective technology for hair removal that maintains safety and tolerability with zero down-time.  That technology is the Diode Laser.

It’s 810-nanometer wavelength is ideal for hair removal on most skin and hair types.  While other lasers are more versatile, they compromise the effectiveness of hair removal, and lead to extra treatments or poor results.

The Alma Soprano XLi takes diode performance to the next level with SHR (Super Hair Removal) IN-Motion technology.  This breakthrough means increased comfort, faster treatments, and consistent results.  It also works very wells on tanned or darker skin tones with minimal risks.

Other Laser Hair Removal systems deliver quick bursts of high energy to rapidly heat the hair follicle, which causes discomfort and increases the risk for discoloration or scarring.  By gradually heating the hair follicle, we can cause desired permanent damage to the root at lower energy levels.

The Soprano XLi performs virtually pain-free hair removal.

While the Soprano XLi system is the ideal solution for hair removal, it is also capable of skin tightening and treating mild musculoskeletal pain.

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