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A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world-class research and distinguished teaching. You’ll work closely with faculty in small classes to examine the relationship of art to fields such as anthropology, sociology, music, dance, literature, science and engineering. The following table and chart show the ethnic background for students who recently graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor's in marketing. In addition to completing a minimum of 18 hours of coursework for this minor, you will also be required to commit your effort, time and talent in defense of or in advocacy for human rights. This minor requires at least 15 semester hours of selected coursework in philosophy, including at least 9 hours in advanced courses at the 3000 level or above. The new classification will better reflect and recognise the academic accomplishments of … The ethnic studies program offers an interdisciplinary examination of African-American and Mexican-American experiences through the social sciences and humanities. Next: Double Degrees & Second Majors ... Singapore Management University School of Information Systems 80 Stamford Road Singapore 178902. Students majoring in other departments may obtain a minor in chemistry. SMU has been issuing an electronic version of the degree certificate and official transcript to students graduating in January 2013 and onwards. Consult the Environmental and Civil Engineering Department for approval of a minor in civil engineering, which requires a minimum of 15 term credit hours in civil engineering courses. Authentication of Degree Certificates . in molecular and cell biology. Meanwhile, as the slogan of the SMU suggests, it is ‘a different U’, and the difference is seen in how SMU assesses students. Authentication of Degree Certificates . We’re here to help. CAP computation is based on all modules completed at all levels, excluding: Modules for which grades obtained have no assigned grade points (for e.g. degrees on our five-year track for a B.S. You’ll have many opportunities to learn, travel and act for human rights as a student at SMU, the first university in the South, and only the fifth in the country, to offer an undergraduate major in human rights. Consisting of 17 term hours, the Chinese minor includes 14 hours of language training and one course in Chinese culture, history or literature. program at Baylor Medical School, UT Southwestern Medical School and the University of Wisconsin, our SMU chemistry graduates consistently place in top institutions nationwide. In 2017-2018, 6,448 undergraduate students attended Southern Methodist University. SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute for Education and Research (TAI) will train you to search for unique solutions in advertising. Explore and develop art in a challenging environment that rewards experimentation and risk-taking. The minor focuses on language proficiency, among the refinement of other skills. It is appropriate for those seeking a secondary teaching field. Become a highly marketable graduate who can take advantage of the accelerating demand for specialists trained in data collection and analysis and prepared to harness the explosion of data from devices such as sensors, cell phones and medical instruments, as well as from business processes, surveys and social media. Choose the program that’s right for you at Saint Mary’s University. APPLY These documents are considered official and can be validated as they have been digitally certified. This interdisciplinary program examines the African-American and Mexican-American experiences through the social sciences and humanities, probing the roots of traditions beginning in early African and pre-Columbian cultures as well as examining minorities in contemporary U.S. society. Selection of degree-seeking students at SMU is based on several criteria: the high school curriculum, academic performance in the classroom, grade pattern, rank in class (if available), SAT and/or ACT scores, counselor and teacher recommendations, essay, behavioral record and extracurricular activities. It is not available to students who are majoring or minoring in the Earth science; it is designed for students heading into the environmental field from other disciplines. Offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Arts, Business, and Science. The awarding of graduation honors is determined by minimum GPAs announced at the beginning of each academic year for each of the five undergraduate schools – Dedman, Cox, Lyle, Meadows and Simmons. Class participation 5%; Pre-cohort checklist 5% *The first number represents the number of hours per week assigned for lectures, recitations and cohort classroom study. Need help? Next: Double Degrees & Second Majors ... Singapore Management University School of Information Systems 80 Stamford Road Singapore 178902. As you engage in the study of space, time, energy and matter, you’ll be inspired to ask and try to answer the deepest questions about the universe. SMU is pleased to collaborate with Duke-NUS Medical School to offer a new SMU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway. With a brief but serious investigation of studio art, this minor allows students to grow in their understanding of visual imagery and gain confidence in studio practice. Dear SMU Class of 2020, our sincere congratulations on your completing your degree programme! Master of Science in Data Science Program, Enrollment and Scheduling - Advanced Users. Choose from courses such as: Business French, Internship in French, French Cinema, African Cinema, The African Novel in French, Immigration in France, Advanced Spoken French, French Civilization and more. Develop skills of analysis and reasoning, an understanding of arguments and viewpoints, critical evaluation of varied perspectives and clear written and oral communications. Learn how to speak and write Spanish with proficiency, study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country and take recommended electives outside the Spanish area. degree in German with eight advanced courses beyond your second year or a minor with four advanced courses beyond your second year. Singapore Management University offers a wide selection of postgraduate studies & courses from Accountancy, Business Management, Information Systems, Economics, Law & Social Sciences. Learn about international politics, domestic and international political economy, executive and legislative politics and constitutional law. The SMU School of Accountancy (School) undergraduate curriculum leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc). Collect, analyze and interpret information. Check out our list of masters programmes now. The programme aims to produce professional accountants who possess the attributes and skills that are needed to thrive in a knowledge-based economy. Gain transferable skills and preparation for career success. The Classified Jobs page provides a list of all classified job titles, in alphabetical order, along with their corresponding job code, exempt/non-exempt classification, pay grade, and annualized salary range information. This has no impact on the degree classification (cum laude etc) given to you, but it is important to do honours thesis if you want to go into academia/research. At SMU, art history takes an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach to learning. The student-faculty ratio at Southern Methodist University is 11:1, and the school has 56.8% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. The ceremonial seal of this University is gold, and is embossed at the bottom of the 290 x 220 mm page. Meanwhile, as the slogan of the SMU suggests, it is ‘a different U’, and the difference is seen in how SMU assesses students. Academics Overview The online master of science in data Science program from Southern Methodist University equips data-driven professionals with the skills required to generate measurable impact in their business or organization. Program objectives include training you to: Providing a broad liberal education, the course of study is a rich intellectual experience that covers American, British and other literature. Located in Halifax. With a solid research foundation, you’ll develop the analytical skills necessary to evaluate and properly incorporate research results into professional practice. Map & Directions. The second number represents the number of hours per week assigned for labs, design, or field work. Advertising. Our particular strengths in computational and applied mathematics will give you the proficiency to succeed in a wide range of careers. The German minor consists of 18 term hours of German and includes required courses on culture, grammar and literature as well as advanced courses. Required courses include principles of computer science, programming concepts, assembly language programming and machine organization, data structures, discrete computational structures and digital logic design. A nationally ranked private university with seven degree-granting schools, SMU is a distinguished center for teaching and research located near the heart of Dallas. Prepare for a rewarding career and achievements in a variety of fields with solid hands-on research experience in the laboratory. Students with a general interest in history may pursue a minor by taking 15 semester hours of departmental coursework. 1 among the top 10 colleges with the highest paid psychology graduates in College Factual 2014. All undergraduate degree programmes in SMU are 4-year programmes. Undergraduates with majors outside the Cox School may complete the minor in business administration. A two-course geology core serves as the background for this interdisciplinary minor. Southern Methodist University Academics. Multivariate Non-Linear Non-Parametric Regression, Supervised Classification, Unsupervised Classification, Deep Learning. SMU's School of Information Systems has launched a new Professional Doctoral Degree, Doctor of Engineering (EngD), to train professionals to perform deep technical industrial research and translate the outputs into innovative products and services. Refer to the Enrollment and Academic Records section of the Undergraduate Catalog (view 2020-2021 catalog) for information and policies on the following:Absence Due to Illness Become a disciplined, versatile artist through professional training in ballet, modern dance and jazz dance at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts, which ranked No. Located in Halifax. The "traditional" college student is thought to be between the ages of 18-21. However, students are given the flexibility of planning their own study pace and with the granting of exemptions (see Question A5), many students are able to graduate in less than 4 years. You’ll learn how to think and write with clarity to work in a world where good communication is key to every successful endeavor. SMU PROFESSORS RANKED AMONG TOP SCIENTISTS IN THE WORLD A global study by Stanford University has identified 17 SMU researchers as among the top scientists in the world. Selection University Curriculum requirements can be met upon completion of minor in French.

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