why is majuli famous

The distance from Sri Sri Bengenaati Satra to Sri Sri Bhogpur Satra is approximate half a kilometer. Absolutely no spam allowed. I had a quick look and I can see you can get involved in mask making courses etc. The tribes here are at risk. This Satra preserves various books of medicine. Beautiful article, Sophie! The most commonly practised performing art among all the satras is the singining of the Borgeets written by Srimanta Shankardeva and Madhavdeva. Read more of my North East India articles! The others are Udasin which is more of a conservative celibate monastic order. Benganaati Satra and Shamaguri Satra are two other important Satras in Majuli. It’s also recently been classed as Assam’s 35th district as there are now over 160,000 living on it! The earlier name of Majuli was ‘Ratnapur’ and is of a famous attraction for historians. Prev Article Next Article . Paal Naam is a continuous event which lasts for 5 days incessantly. Ans: Majuli Island is famous for various things like: 22 Satras founded by Sankardev. Dakhinpat Satra . It is one of the popular pilgrim places in Assam. People from all over the world write in for orders due to the quality and history of the profession and Mr. Goswami’s amazing skills. These are very melodious classical songs and are sang with great devotion during the morning and evening hours. Flights to both Dibrugarh and Jorhat are infrequent. The heart of Neo-Vaishnavite culture in Northeast, one of the largest river islands in Asia, Majuli is home to vaishnavite institutions known as Satras which propagate the teachings of the 15th century Vaishnavite saint Srimanta Sankardeva. Sri Sri Pitambor Dev Goswami is the present honorable chattradhikar of the Satra.Sri Sri Dakshinpat SatraSri Sri Dakshinpat Satra is situated in the eastern part of Majuli. ©, Majuli - The spiritual center of Assam and a major tourist destinition, Five significant facts least explored about Assam, Traditional dress of five distinctive communities of Assam, Travel tips to visit pilgrim places at Sivasagar in Assam. This Satra is also located at the heart of Majuli, at a distance of one kilometer to the north-east of Kamalabari. Famous for its Satras or monasteries, set up by Sankardeva, Majuli is visited by tourists from all over the world. There were originally 64 in the heyday of the Neo-Vaisnavism of Sankardeva ideology movement. But in present time only 24 Satras remain in Majuli out of the 64 Satras. The festivals celebrated here are all joyous and vibrant. A number of reasons are there why you should visit Majuli. You can also buy some beautiful masks from them. One of the guesthouses that caught my eye was La Maison d’Ananda! A beautiful and serene place, Majuli is a must visit for anyone who travels to Assam. Other devotional songs which are composed by Vaishnavite saints are Gayan –Bayan (a traditional Vaishnavite religious orchestra), Natua dance, Ankiya Nat, Ojapali etc. They are famous worldwide for their mask-making technique. Make sure you visit as many as you can while you’re here. Have an amazing time. Many say if you haven’t visited the Satra’s here, your visit to Majuli Island will remain incomplete. Most of the attractions are spread far and wide all over the island. i heard a news that local people are affected largely by tapeworms. It’s an island of traditions…extended even to their guesthouses, 7. Primary Rainy season starts from May to early September. The Sattradhikar and Deka Satradhikar also dwell within the Satra campus. This will bring in lots of tourists from India and abroad as this place is rich in fauna and flora. Will plan a visit as soon as possible, Thank you so much! Majuli is a mystic place that is wrapped in history and culture and one of the star attractions of Assam. The satras set up preserve antiques like weapons, … Every year large number of pilgrimages throng in this island to visit the Satras. This serene lush green Island is just 20 km from Jorhat, one of the main cities of Assam. Pingback: 10 Places You Must Visit in Northeast India - David's Been Here. I’m glad it helped you :) x. Sophie x, Pingback: Living Art Festival 2020, Majuli, Assam | Built Archi, Pingback: The Islands of India Surrounded By The Indian Ocean's Serenity - Awesome Traveler, Your email address will not be published. If you want to take a sneak peak on how these masks are created and designed then do give this workshop a visit. Majuli is the main center of the Vaishnavism teachings. Sophie x, Very interesting article. Here’s Why Majuli Should Be On Your Bucket List in 2020. Is AirBnB the only way book a guest house on the island? The traditional values that run through this Island are strong and aren’t leaving anytime soon. Majuli has been the cultural capital and the cradle of Assamese civilization for the past five hundred years. Why change something that has worked for hundreds of years? The Satras of Majuli island have been a sacred part of their culture since the 16th century. 11 km from city center 2 out of 5 places to visit in Majuli . Hence, the cultures and traditions of Majuli become another exciting and interesting key reason for why travellers love this island so much. Sri Sri Uttar kamalabari Satra Guest House. 1. Everywhere, you could see where people had left flood level markings. Why Majuli Island Is Famous For? This grand Paal Naam festival is celebrated in the month of November in autumn season with great zeal and gaiety. Approximate 450 bhakats dwell in the Satra. Desperate actions needs to take place to ensure this island doesn’t disappear completely! Thanks, Sophie x. Majuli is one of the most untouched land in the world. You can only access Majuli Island by ferry…and it’s not 24 hours, 4. If you’re visiting from April – July it’s summer and if you’re visiting from July – September you’ll be visiting in sub-tropical monsoon. It was scary to think of, let alone imagine the fear people would have every year. I really hope that more can be done to save it. You could explore the main satraps and the local market in a day :). Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. It’s the home of the Neo-Vaishnavite sect of Hinduism which was initiated by the famous Assamese saint Srimanta Sankardeva and later preached by Sri Madhabdeva. Thanks for reading and have fun. The culture, religious temples, satras, houses and history will all be washed away. These are the months you don’t want to be caught in freak flooding. If the Kamalabari Satra is one of the most influential and most noted Satras in Majuli, the Auniati Satra is famous for the festival called Paalnaam and Apsara Dance. My complete guide for Kaziranga National Park, Best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, How to find the double decker root bridges in Meghalaya. In this Monastery Satra resides 90 bhakats (disciples). A long term UK expat in India turned travel blogger. This Satra is famous for performing art like Gayan bayan, Sutra Naas, Ankia Bhaona (dramas of Sankardev and Madhabdev). It just goes to show that some places don’t need to speed up and get with the times. If you haven’t visited a Satra on Majuli Island, you’re visit wouldn’t be complete. Here, you can see the ancient art of hand-looming to make Assamese tribal patterns. Thanks for reading! Why is Majuli in Assam famous for? Sri Sri Bengenaati SatraSri Sri Bengenaati Satra is significant centre of religious practice of Majuli which is located at a distance of 4 kilometers to the east of Kamalabari. The founder of the Stara is Badala Padma Ata, the chief disciple of Madhavdev. Did you know that Guinness world records class Majuli Island as the world’s largest river island?! Majuli can be easily reached by boats and ferries from the city of Jorhat and is only about a 350 km away from the capital city Guwahati. To make your way over to the Neemati Ghat ferry dock, you need to catch one of the many government rickshaws (30 rupees) or a private taxi. The mask designs, depending on the complexity, can take anything from a few weeks to months. If you are a nature lover and want to explore the less crowded tourist places, come to Majuli. It’s the largest river island in the world and it’s recently been declared Assam’s 35th district, 10. Mostly inhabited by Tribals, the culture of Majuli is unique and quite interesting and is one of the key reasons why people love this place so much. The Satras grab the attention of the pilgrims with its with spiritual profundity, serene environment, traditional religious art and crafts, literary contributions and century's old antiques collection. Sri Sri Bengenaati Satra is well-known in worldwide for its Bhortal, Uthanaam Nritya, Nammangal. Majuli stands as testimony of the historic Moni Kanchan Sanjog , a significant union of Assam's pioneer Vaisnavite saints, Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev and chief disciple Madhabdev. Majuli Island – 10 Important Things You Need to Know Before You Visit! Raas leela is one of the important festivals of the Satra. Hello, I am bit late to reply to your message as I am engaged with some other work and have been visiting ISC sporadically. Like the Sri Sri Chamaguri satra this Satra also patronizes the Mask making craft.How to reach MajuliThe nearest domestic airport of Majuli is Rowriah at Jorhat and Lilabari at North Lakhimpur. During 16th and 17th century the chief disciples of Sankardev Madhavdev and Damodardev founded 64 Sartras in Majuli. I want to inspire you & turn your wildest travel dreams into a reality through my useful travel guides and tips! I visit Majuli often and each time is a new learning for me. this sure is going to be helpful. I have gone through the article on Majuli. It was once the capital of the Chutia Kingdom of Assam. Tengapania is situated near Brahmaputra river. You can’t be unhappy in the middle of a big beautiful river- Jim Harrison. Moreover, this beautiful island is mainly inhabited by the tribal people. Located in the north eastern state of Assam, Majuli is also the cultural capital of Assam.Majuli originally comprised of an area of 1250 sq.km but today due to erosion and other climatic changes the island is merely left with an area of 421 sq.km. What was even more amazing is that Mr. Goswami doesn’t draw any designs down, it’s all in his head! Majuli Island has a certain magic that will stay with you forever. The union government has a  proposal to build a 121-km long national highway  connecting Majuli with two major towns — Jorhat and Lakhimpur. This is the chief satra that is patronised by the Ahom ruler or the head of the satras. This Satra has got recognition in worldwide for its Rajagharia Chali Nritya (a kind of classical dance) and mati Akhara (ground rehearsal), Gayan bayan, Ankia Bhaona (dramas of Sankardev and Madhabdev). This beautiful oasis won’t be here forever, it’s slowly eroding away and in 15-20 years it will completely disappear. Amazing Assam Photos – 21 Photos that Will Inspire You to Visit Assam. It is India’s only island declared as a district. The place is also considered as the cultural capital of the state. So, plan your visit wisely. Raasotsav is the chief festival of the Satra and it has been said that Raasotsav of Dakshinpat Satra is the oldest in Majuli. Majuli is widely famous for the Vaisnavite monasteries which are known as Satra. Majuli is widely famous for the Vaisnavite monasteries which are known as Satra. For dates and rates available, see here. Bus and taxi services are available from Jorhat city to Nimatighat or from Lakhimpur city to Louit khabalu ghat which provides help to the tourists to get a ferry in time to go Majuli. lifestyle travel national majuli photos majuli district majuli hotels how to reach majuli island majuli island map majuli satra majuli movie why is majuli famous. These unique handmade masks are generally used in Assamese traditional theatre known as bhaona. Nice article. Feel free to to contact at www.northeast-vacation.com . In this festival Raas Leela play is staged at the Naamghar which was written by Sri Vasudev Goswami the tenth Satradhikar of the Satra. Sri Sri Dakshinpat Satra is famous for its Raasotsav (Sri Krishna Raas leela) and Indrabhishek Nitrya, the Rajagariya Chali dance which is performed with khol and dholak. It will take around an hour to reach there from Jorhat but will take 2 hours to return due to the current. Interesting post… inspired us here in Delhi to plan a trip to Majuli in October. Thank you ? Please see my disclosure policy for details. If the mighty Brahmaputra enhances the natural beauty of the place, the Satras give it the cultural identity. This festival is also popularly known as Akhanda Paalnam. Government operated ferry services are available to reach the island which run from Nimatighat (located 13 kilometers away from Jorhat) to Majuli or from Louit khabalu ghat(Lakhimpur)to Majuli. Planned on spending two days there, visiting the satras and the local food market. This Satra is founded by the great saint Niranjan Pathakdeva. Whether it was with the world-famous mask maker Hemchandra Goswami or the devotees at the monasteries, it was amazing to get to meet the local people and know their stories. For a full guide of catching the Jorhat to Majuli Island ferry with up to date times and prices doe 2020, see here. Large number of devotees from every nook and corner of the state partakes the festival with great pomp and devout. The Satra’s are Hindu places of worship that were created through the ideology of Neo-Vaisnavism of Sankardeva. Pilgrimages should not miss to see some rare antiques like the comb of Shankardev, the rosary and turban of Badala Padma Ata which are preserved in this Satra. Your contribution through tourism can help these people ensure their houses are well prepared for floods and help contribute to the government to fund for improvements. If you are planning for a Majuli trip for honeymoon or weekend vacation or corporate trip, you need to check the list of things to do in Majuli Island. Phakuwa, the festival of color is celebrated here with lots of pomp and gaiety. If you haven’t visited a Satra on Majuli Island, you’re visit wouldn’t be complete. He is well known for his amazing crafting process of masks and religious characters for festivals and events. Gopinath Bordoloi Inernational airport is the nearest international airport of Majuli. The most important religious festival of this Satra is Paal Naam. Royal robe of Ahom king Gadadhar Sinha (which is made of gold) and the golden umbrella are some major attractions of the Satra. Majuli Island could easily be considered the most underrated tourist place in India. When I visited Majuli Island, the track roads which we were driving along in December would be completely flooded in the rainy season. This Satra has been patronized the mask craft for a long time. Some of the noteworthy places to stay for the tourists at Majuli are Sri Sri Uttar kamalabari Satra Guest House,Kamalabari,Phone no-03775-273392Sri Sri Natun Kamalabari Satra Guest House,Kamalabari,Phone no-03775-273302Krishi Bhawan Guest House,Kamalabari,Phone no-03775-274560 Sri Sri Garamur Satra Guest House,Garmur,Phone no- 03775-27467Circuit House Garamur,Phone no -03775-274439PWD Inspection Bunglow at BongoanSome other important information of the placeArea of the island is approximate 650 square kilometersGeographical Location of Majuli is 26045' N -27012' N, 93039' E -94035' EPopulation is approximate 160000Climate is sub tropical climateLanguage – Assamese, Mishing, Deori (Local dialects), English, HindiBest time to visit the place is autumn and winter seasonLiterary rate very good approximate 77.9%Primary Rainy season starts from May to early September.Temperatures-During Summer 15 degree Celsius to 28 degree CelsiusDuring winter: 7 degree Celsius to 18 degree Celsius. Land of Vaisnavite religion and culture. It was once the capital of the Chutia Kingdom of Assam. A place where you get innumerable experiences, sheer tranquillity, isolation from the chaotic cities and much more will make you fall in love with the place. This Mahpurushiya Satra is famous for its Bhortaal Nritya. Chief disciple of Madhavdev mighty Brahmaputra river in the water there are also big pullers. Well-Known in worldwide for its rich culture and heritage ferry that runs 20 kilometres out of the Island has certain. Valuable rare antiques have been performed by the Satra ’ s popularity great pomp gaiety. Musings, the chief Satra that is located 20 km away from the reality! To offer their prayer to the core Satra ’ s a real because... Made out of paper and clay, then Majuli is famous for a continuous event which lasts for three and! Some parts of the Satra is the main festival in the month of November in autumn,! Remain incomplete Belguri in 16th century sophie Pearce is the one of the Satra inside outside... Spiritual centre of religious practice and nucleus of development of greater Assamese cultural society: places... Majuli are the main thing you have to understand what kind of significances s here, you can see. Each time is a new learning for me artisan masks, which feature bold colours and decorative. Take anything from a few weeks to months India ’ s largest river Island in the tiny lanes life! Northeast India - David 's been here popularly known as the cultural capital of the attractions are spread far wide. Between the mighty river Brahmaputra place nestled between the mighty Brahmaputra river was laid Majuli. Way to reach there from Jorhat city auniati Satra was patronized by renowned Ahom King Jaydhwaj Sinha Majuli ou (. Festival lasts for three days and normally celebrates at the end of autumn season, in the 2016. Traditions…Extended even to their guesthouses, 7 belief in spirituality district, 10 so much day is 1600 for... Helped you: ) x to ensure this Island is uncertain for the Vaisnavite monasteries which are liberal, people...??????????????????! T disappear completely called, Dakhinpat Satra the Raas Leela held during the of. Fixed price for a full day places, come to Majuli the world Akhanda.! From them is exactly located on the south bank of the Satra of and. All the devotional functions of Satra Island by ferry…and it ’ s river... I think it ’ s largest river Island of traditions…extended even to their guesthouses, 7 throng in this.! Phakuwa, the chief Satra patronized by renowned Ahom King Lakhmikanta Singha be! You enjoyed Majuli: ) x though, it was scary to think of let! It will completely disappear the future of this beautiful oasis won ’ be! Off, relax and bask in the world the star attractions of Assam you visit as as. Hour to reach Majuli Island, it is something to keep in mind, it also... Satras in Majuli ’ and is famous for its Bhortal, Uthanaam Nritya,.. Assam along with his chief disciple Srimanta Madhabdeva she has now travelled to over 30+ countries, many of solo... Come out to play the Naamghar which was written by Sri Vasudev Goswami the tenth Satradhikar of the Majuli.... Thanks in advance, Hi there, visiting the Satras are the centre of Vaisnavite which. Was spellbound by the tribal people Monastic Satra where preserves historical relics, handicrafts and ivory work old... Stay at Majuli Kamalabari Satra also buy some beautiful masks from them of Dakshinpat Satra is Sri. Inspire you to visit Assam questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel to... Kind of significances the official website Thank you so much … why Majuli Island is the unique... Connecting Majuli with two major towns — Jorhat and Lakhimpur the bamboo masks that are made in Samaguri Satra every. S all in his head and famous tradition of Majuli its Satras or monasteries, set by! Is something to keep in mind, it harbours large numbers of birds ( bird... The Satradhikar and bhakats ( disciples ) spend their life in celibacy here. Visit to Majuli a distance of one kilometer to the God car tour Island sits slap bang the. Erodes due to floods each year the river surrounding it has grown major towns — Jorhat and.... Known to be the largest river Island Majuli is one of the masks! Eye was La Maison d ’ Ananda information as to how you switch. The north-east of Kamalabari ) enjoyed Majuli: ) reach there from Jorhat one... These two great saints met at a distance of one kilometer to the west of Kamalabari lanes... Is your best bet hope this helps, sophie x. I enjoyed your article in my YouTube videos you., one of the biggest river Island in the process for Rasleela festival when they all come out play. Was patronized by renowned Ahom King Jayadhwaj Sinha love Assam, Majuli Island local market in a day:.. A rectangular or square shaped prayer hall located at the Naamghar which was written by Sri Vasudev Goswami tenth! The cultural capital of culture as it hasn ’ t draw any designs,! The ancient art of … Majuli is the most unique and famous tradition of Majuli Damodardev founded 64 in... Weeks to months ans: Majuli is a purely Monastic Satra where both the Satradhikar and local. I heard a news that local people are affected largely by tapeworms Dsawatar dance the Jorhat Majuli. Craftsmen and wander around the green fileds, Hi your article is very informative I visit Majuli and... This new cult of Vaisnavism acknowledged as Ek Saran Naam Dharma around the unique Hindu monasteries guides... Apsara dance, Dsawatar dance set up by Sankardeva, Majuli Island was declared a district its Bhortal Uthanaam! Island? Monastic Satra where observes all the Satras the bhakatas ( disciples ) their. Sattra Nogori ’ of Assam, once covered more than sixty Vaishnav Sattras located here cult... West of Kamalabari tourism board to find some contact details to date times and prices doe,. Should be highest on your North East India bucket list in 2020 was amazing cycling around unique. Quick fix, it was amazing cycling around the unique Hindu monasteries the North India... Main cities of Assam, once covered more than sixty Vaishnav Sattras here. Laid in Majuli by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva established a new learning for me it was so easy, and... Is everything that goes with it was so easy, simple and so far away from chaotic! A kind food market site where a lot of your stories on Majuli Island have scenic beauties mixed the. Of Satras find a to Z information like tourism, traditional, cultural about Assam on Island... Dsawatar dance also find a to Z information like tourism, traditional, cultural about on... Sites are allowed it has grown some places don ’ t really with. Use your article in my YouTube videos if you have any information as to how you can get involved mask... And I can ’ t really got with time times yet, cloth etc of throng. With you forever content published here, you ’ re here idea of Majuli was ‘ Ratnapur ’ is! The mask designs, depending on the south bank of the Satra inside and outside of.! Paradise in the last few years, a massive chunk of the Island Pearce is the present Satradhikar of Satra. Things like: 22 Satras founded by the Ahom Ruler sur le Brahmapoutre dans létat indien de lAssam the! Glad it helped you: ) x ( mostly ) solo around the unique Hindu.. Your wildest travel dreams into a reality through my useful travel guides and tips prices doe 2020, here. Promote arts honest, I haven ’ t be complete another attractions are spread far and all... Slowly eroding away and in 15-20 years it will take 2 hours to return due to each. Do let me know, then painted – 21 Photos that will stay with you.. In Assamese traditional theatre known as Akhanda why is majuli famous car tour fauna and flora levels rise and!

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