what type of volcano is olympus mons

Olympus Mons is a shield volcano that towers to an amazing 26 km. At this location, it is nearly 7 kilometers (23,000 feet) tall. Describes all the processes associated with discharge of magma, hot fluids, and gases. This image covers the northern edge of the largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons on Mars. composite. That makes it 3 times the height of Mt. The Olympus Mons volcano is about the size of Arizona. shield. The Olympus Mons volcano is also 624 kilometers in diameter. Shield. In others, lava from the formation of Olympus Mons flowed over the cliff, smoothing it out. The line around Olympus Mons is a "basal cliff" which is as high as six kilometers in some places. The surface geochemistry of Olympus Mons is likely basaltic, based on the observed morphology and inferred eruptive style at Olympus Mons. volcanism. Olympus mons is a bump in the ground looking at mars from a telescope but in the real live Olympus mons it is a non-acting volcano. What is Olympus Mons? Their topographic profiles are shown below. Lying in the Tharsis Montes region of the Martian landscape, Olympus Mons is a sprawling giant of a volcano, towering 22km above the surrounding region, and a total of 27km above the average height of the Martian surface. The plates on mars do not move. It is about 600 km (370 mi) wide and has a height of nearly 22 km (14 mi), what makes it the tallest mountain on any planet in the Solar System, higher than three Mount Everests and spanning the width of the entire Hawaiian island chain. The largest volcano in the solar system, found on mars. The margin of Olympus Mons is defined by a massive cliff many kilometers (several miles) tall. Everest. Olympus Mons is a large volcanic mountain on the planet Mars. Hot regions of the earth's crust where high-temperature plumes of magma rise. The giant shield volcanoes are younger, formed between 1 and 2 billion years ago. Unlike Everest, Olympus Mons has … The central edifice of Olympus Mons has a summit caldera 24 kilometers (15 miles) above the surrounding plains. It is classified as a shield volcano, similar to volcanoes in Hawaii. a) Based on its topographic profile, what type of volcano is Olympus Mons? With a diameter of more than 600 kilometers (the size of Arizona) and a height of nearly 25 kilometers above the surrounding plains, it is the tallest volcano known to exist in the solar system. It is the same kind of volcano as the active volcanoes currently making the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately, the Olympus Mons region is dust covered, and there have been no published attempts at quantifying the spatial variation in surface mineralogy on the volcano. hotspot. Which type of volcano is most prevalent on mars? What type of volcano is Krakatau? VOLCANISM 11. However, the largest volcano on the planet, Olympus Mons, is thought to have formed when the plates were not moving. The cliff exposes the guts of the volcano, revealing interbedded hard and soft layers. Olympus Mons (20°N,135°W) This image shows the volcano Olympus Mons. 5) As measured from its base on the sea floor, Mauna Loa is 5.1 miles high and has radius of 68 miles. Olympus Mons (now extinct) is the largest volcano on Mars, and on Earth, Mauna Loa is the largest. The mare-like plains on Mars are roughly 3 to 3.5 billion years old. Commonly volcanoes in Mars are 10 to 100 time bigger than the ones on Earth. Why is Olympus Mons much larger than Earth's shield volcanoes? What type of volcano is Olympus Mons? What is Olympus Mons? Olympus Mons Olympus [oh-LIM-pus] Mons is the largest volcano known in the solar system. A … Olympus Mons is over twenty times wider than it is high. Olympus Mons may have formed just after the plate motion stopped.

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